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Spanish Translating Volunteer for Basic Lectures

Jan 22, 2019 05:37 AM +08

YEF HQ has started online teaching for Spanish translating volunteer, Madeline De Jesus, in this month.

Madeline De Jesus, majoring in English literature in the city college of New York, has been coming to YEF Bible study over the last 2 years course of period and has been showing her zeal for serving the Lord together with the ministry.

She shared after the lecture. "God is looking for quality not quantity. God is looking for people of faith. God is seeking an army of people who are ready to fight. I need to be one of God's chosen people who is ready to fight. God works wonders. God does not need multitudes for His purpose to flourish. God is pleased to use people who are willing to trust Him, and acknowledge that everything and anything is possible only because of Him. God freely blesses everyone out of love. I need to trust God more in all circumstances. I need to not arrogantly think that God only bless me because of going to church or have bible study. If you draw near to God. He will draw near to you when he draws near to you by nature you will be blessed. God is love. God won't withhold any good thing. God is pleased in and wants to use us in his army. God's strategy is different. God does not look at the abilities but the disposition. The heart, the character people who are alert soldiers, ready for battle."

Please pray for Madeline to grow continuously in God's Word and in serving the ministry.