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Thankgiving party in LA

Nov 26, 2018 10:32 AM +08

Nov 2nd, thanksgiving night, Chinese members (Caoqi and Susanna) and 4 Bible study students had a thanksgiving party together. There were a big turkey, hot pot meat and vegetables and biscuits making up a wonderful meal, everyone contributed to it. 

After dinner, everyone shared the things he/she felt most thanksful for recently. We found that God has been taking care of everything in our life, big or small. The students had not met each other before, but got familiarized and built friendships in this party. We exchanged gifts, everyone loved what he/she got. Before finishing, we worshipped God with our favorite songs.

It was a memorable thanksgiving. Our life is also like the Mayflower, the moment we feel the most powerless and hopeless is just when we should remember to be thankful for God, as His grace will most greatly abound.